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XIXIM is much more than a hotel.  It is a space of peace; a place to find your balance again; to discover harmony with nature together with those you love; a place to re-discover yourself.

A unique Mayan hotel located on the endless white sand beaches of the Celestun Biosphere Reserve, XIXIM is just a little over an hour west of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. You will live an unforgettable experience in our hotel in Celestun, Yucatan.
With its bungalow suite-style architecture, Mayan Mexican fusion cuisine, and welcoming Mayan hospitality, our hideaway hotel is ideal for a romantic beach getaway, an unforgettable exotic honeymoon, or a special Mexico beach wedding.  Our Wellness Center offers perfect space and magical ambiance for yoga and spiritual retreats.  The SPA, with private screened massage and treatment bungalows, along with the juice therapy cabaña and a quiet circular pool, all create a feeling of relaxation and serenity.

By day, you can explore the mangrove estuaries of the nature reserve in search of unusual birds of Mexico, including the pink flamingo; at night, the search continues for nocturnal denizens on a moonlight safari. While there are a variety of eco adventure and nature tours to choose from, it’s also fun to venture out with kayaks and bicycles, walk interpretive nature trails, fish with locals, and explore ancient Mayan archeological sites, stunning caves, and cenotes with our local guides. Hotel Xixim is also the ideal Yucatan, Mexico, location for incentive travel and corporate retreats.

Nestled in 32 acres of undisturbed coastal vegetation, our hotel in Celestun, Yucatan provides an intimate and secluded setting for those who dare to discover the essence of life once again – the rediscovery of well being through the pleasure of connecting with nature.

2012 and the Mayan Calendar

According to the long count Mayan calendar and Mayan creation mythology, December 21, 2012, signifies the end of a World Age when 13 baktuns end (5,125 years, 133 days).

The 2012 Mayan date will be celebrated in Mayan Yucatan as a new beginning, a new era, when Man and Nature will be in harmony.  Why wait? We welcome you to experience our place of harmony with nature year-round, at any time, in any era, at Hotel XIXIM — a unique Mayan experience at a unique Mayan hotel.

A day of serenity in nature at Xixim

XIXIM means “sea shell” in the Mayan language (the “x” has a calming “sh” sound in Mayan and XIXIM is pronounced Shee Sheem).  Our white sandy beach is covered with xixim, which symbolize a peaceful seaside retreat.  As the sun sets into the sea, you’ll relax in a hammock on your private Mayan style porch or at our elevated El Santuario bar; try our varied natural drinks and tasty margaritas while sharing camaraderie, laughter, and innovative Mayan cuisine with loved ones and new friends; then you’ll savor the vast expanse of the star-strewn Milky Way as you meander back to your comfortable Mayan bungalow on softly lit jungle paths.

You’ll drift to sleep in your canopied bed listening to the soft evening birdsongs and gentle waves on the beach.  In the morning, you’ll awaken to doves calling to each other.  As you shower in a private bath open to an outdoor garden, coffee or tea and home-made bread is delivered to your bungalow suite through a privacy butler window.  In HOTEL XIXIM’s secure serenity and seclusion, which only pristine nature and our Mayan hospitality can provide, you will relax, renew, and re-discover yourself. Meet Hotel Xixim, the best hotel in Celestun Yucatan.

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