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Nature’s Paradise


Because of its importance as the main feeding area for the American Pink Flamingo and countless species of waterfowl and shorebirds, in 1989 the Mexican government named the northwestern part of the Yucatan Peninsula as a Special Biosphere Reserve…Celestun Biosphere Reserve.

Hotel Xixim is nestled on a 3 mile virgin white sand beach, full of shells and conchs. The sea is tranquil, very shallow, and has abundant aquatic life…The beach and the sea

There are a great variety of flowers in the hotel area. You will be able to see them by visiting the hotel’s interpretative paths…Flowers in Xixim

Main wintering area for the greater American Pink Flamingo, endemic birds in coastal dune scrubs, migrant and wintering water birds, shorebirds and songbirds, Celestun is famous for its wide variety of avian life…

From the 8 species of turtles surviving in the world, 7 exist in Mexico and 4 nest along the coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula.  The turtles spend their whole life in the water except for the brief moments when the females come ashore to nest and lay their eggs.  The female sea turtle arrives ashore at night to her nesting beach at Hotel Xixim in the months of April, May, June or July…

Spider monkeys, jaguars, anteaters, raccoons, ocelots and coatis are some of the mammals that inhabit the Celestun Biosphere Reserve….
Birding tour groups and eco adventure travelers can enjoy the comfort and service of Hotel Xixim as their base while venturing out on daily nature excursions.

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